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Factors in the design of LED Ceiling Light to be considered

Time: 2013-12-28 Views: 211

LED downlight long life: the LED Ceiling Light life is 10 times that of ordinary incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, the light source is the use of high brightness LED as light source, light and comfortable, soft, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet radiation, has the advantages of small volume, easy installation, can be arbitrarily adjust the projection angle, beautiful appearance. Compared with other LED Ceiling Lighting, low maintenance cost, can directly replace the traditional lamp, obvious power saving effect, reduce the operation cost. And ultra low fever, like fever extremely common, especially in the hot summer, will make the shops, giant hot, put on LED ceiling lamp, the effect will be very good in summer air conditioning. More important is the variety of colors: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, colorful... Customers can choose according to their own preferences.

The function of LED Ceiling Light so powerful, in the design of course there are many areas requiring attention, here, Xiaobian also share with you:
Output power: relates to range of LED forward voltage, current and the arrangement of LED etc.
Power supply: AC-DC power supply, DC-DC power supply, AC power driven directly by
Functional requirements: dimming, dimming mode (analog, digital or multilevel), lighting control
Other requirements: processing efficiency, power factor, size, cost, fault (protection), must comply with the standards and reliability etc.
Consider more factors: mechanical connection, installation, repair / replace, life cycle, logistics etc.