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How to choose a LED Ceiling Light, quality and inexpensive?

Time: 2014-01-08 Views: 271

1, Look at the light: light radiator cooling velocity resolution the lamp illumination and using life. Long time in high temperature under the shape of beads, light attenuation soon, life is short, and the brightness is too poor ceiling lamp, not to the lighting effect.

LED Ceiling Light cooling scheme, the mainstream and the radiator, single lamp heat radiating column, external fan cooling method.The overall size of the radiator, cooling velocity affect the quality of aluminum, also affect the whole lamp price.

2, Look at the light power (commonly known as the transformer): transformer quality also determines the whole service life of the lamp, lamp beads used more than 50000 hours is no problem, but if there is no transformer, the light does not play. The use of electronic components in the transformer, design of the transformer efficiency, power factor, constant, temperature rise, service life.
The user does not understand equipment knowledge, can component from the volume of the transformer, and consult the manufacturer, using electrolytic capacitors and other aspects of the preliminary judgement. The price difference between LED days lantern, quality account for a large proportion of the transformer.
3, The investigation led brand and packaging: bulb quality resolution days lantern lighting effects, the packaging process of the key elements of quality, heat lamp. American, Taiwan bead chip chip chip, domestic chip. Different brands, price differences, different lighting effects. Users can consult the manufacturer after investigation beads, depending on the integrity of the manufacturers. Ceiling lamp special low price, use a lot of chip production line laid the defective products inconsistent, color temperature, brightness difference, with short life, users should pay attention to.