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Those things about LED street lights!

Time: 2021-06-19 Views: 194

1. The application range of LED street lights is wider than other light sources

Different areas of road lighting have different consideration indicators for light sources. For example, motor vehicle traffic areas will mainly consider brightness, total brightness uniformity, longitudinal uniformity of brightness and disability glare, uncomfortable glare control, and stepless dimming and inspection of lamps and lanterns. , The intersection area will consider the main considerations of illuminance, illuminance uniformity and uncomfortable glare control, etc. LED light source has stepless dimming, high degree of freedom control and long-distance projection, high luminous efficiency, high CRI, diverse colors and color temperatures, etc. The characteristics also make the application range of LED street lights wider than other light sources.

2. LED street lights have less light pollution to residents and drivers

Compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, LED street lamps' precise control of light makes the light pollution to residents and drivers smaller. Figure 1 shows the impact of halo and stray light of different types of light source lamps on surrounding residential houses. On the left is a high-pressure sodium lamp, and on the right is an LED street lamp.

3. LED street lights create a safer and more comfortable road environment

From the perspective of creating a comfortable light environment, LED street lights can effectively control the intensity of light hitting the human eye, creating a safer and more comfortable road and tunnel lighting environment. LED street lights are adjustable and controllable, and combined with smart cities, they have far surpassed high-pressure sodium lights in terms of capabilities.

4. The utilization rate of LED street lamps is higher and more energy-saving

From the comparison of light efficiency, part of the light of the high-pressure sodium lamp is lost in the housing and directed to the ineffective area, while the LED street lamp can distribute the light to the required area through the lens.