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What is the cost of LED solar street lights

Time: 2021-06-19 Views: 273

In some cases, even more attention to the quality of LED street lamps, and blindly concerned about the cheap price of LED street lamps, once again warmly remind all outdoor street lamp buyers, remember that you get what you pay for, and be responsible for the outdoor street lamp project. Don’t be underestimated. The inferior products with the price slogan are confused.

What are the components of the price of LED street lights?

   If calculated according to the price of the whole set of LED street lights, the main price components are divided into three parts: including light source lamps, LED street lamp power supplies, and street lamp poles.

To subdivide, there are different styles and sizes of lamps, network speeds of light sources, and brands. LED street lamp power supplies should be distinguished from brand and wattage. As for lamp poles, they distinguish between height, material, thickness, etc., and some packaging costs, buried Cages are also a small part of the price.

   Generally speaking, the price composition of LED street lights is determined according to the specific requirements configuration, and there is no standard pricing. It seems that the price of the same configuration of the same style of LED street lights can often be matched with several different prices.

  How does the LED street light manufacturer price the right price?

Different requirements and configurations correspond to different prices, so how do LED street lamp manufacturers price suits? Generally speaking, the LED street lamp industry is relatively mature now, the price can be said to be more and more transparent, and the LED street lamp project buyers also understand the price better .

   Generally speaking, excluding all costs, plus 5%-10% of corporate profits is basically the final market-oriented price. The price composition of LED street lights is relatively simpler than that of solar street lights, and it is better to do calculations and comparisons. The price difference under the same configuration is getting smaller and smaller.